Exhibition Showcase

This week we were to bring our concepts to ‘life’ and exhibit them at the Market Gallery in the Town centre of Huddersfield. Our concept has so many aspects to it, that we were unable to produce the content in the small amount of space that we were given. So, when considering this, we needed to select the biggest and best parts of the empty shop project that we have created together as a group.

Our idea was to project our ‘skateboarding’ cultural concept as a whole, with bringing the finger skating aspect, to engage any possible customers or professionals, perfectly describing what we would want to achieve. Using social concept of the exhibition itself, definitely helps the ideologies of our store, but also the interactive sectors for our shop. So, to bring all of our ideas together as a whole, we were able to present our website, with products we have designed, info-graphics with the ideas of spaces we could use.

This was an amazing opportunity for us as a group, to see the possible interests we could get from this concept, if it were to be made outside of our academic careers. During the exhibition we received feedback from a gentleman, giving us some good insights in to what we could change about our exhibition as a whole and the marketing in general. For instance, he mentioned the idea of us collaborating with another group for the designing of our proposed t-shirts. He also proposed that he had a space we could introduce our skateboarding park, which had mass amounts of space. This fills us with confidence that our ideologies would work in outside of University.

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