90/90 SK8ERS

I was in charge of curating the website which would show: the products we would hypothetically sell, have any updates that we have upcoming, provide any information about the store and its finders, and also have any contacts details and links to other social media accounts. This is something I have done for my own professional photographic account, so I was able to make a page that would suit the themes we have chosen, but also advertise our concept.

I did this on Wix, and firstly made two separate templates for website ideas, so the group could decide what was preferable. They chose the site I made that had the colour scheme yellow and grey/black, which started our vibrant and fun scheme for the rest of any marketing and curation of products.

These are both websites, that we kept for a little while so that we could make sure we were certain on the correct one, but once the original came together it was certain that was the one we wanted to use, and that suit our concept perfectly.

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