Blueprint :: Conor Palliser

This week a fellow student (Conor Palliser), was part of a group of artistic University students, that showcased their unique work in a small exhibition. This included a range of creative aspects such as; photography, music, graphic design and illustration, all of which were arranged and presented by the artists themselves. The exhibition space wasContinue reading “Blueprint :: Conor Palliser”

Paper Tests

For a successful final piece I want to know if I am using the right materials and paper, for the book to look as best as it can be. This is why I have tested a few different paper stocks that would be suitable for a book. Choosing a few aspects of my book toContinue reading “Paper Tests”

Credited Work

As a photographer who aims to be successful in the freelancing industry, it is always a huge reward being credited for your work, even when it is something small. Over the past few weeks, I have been redefining my work, as to create the perfect overall practice for the final stages of my degree. IContinue reading “Credited Work”

Bryn Griffiths: BIPP Award Winner

Bryn Griffiths, came in this week to give us a talk on his own professional practices. As a BIPP Award winner, his knowledgable experience was very influential and helped to get an insight in to the professional world of freelance photography. His initial start off in to the creative world was through auto-motive photography, somethingContinue reading “Bryn Griffiths: BIPP Award Winner”

Composing An Exhibition

As the final exhibition dooms on me, I have started to compose mock examples of what will be my space during the exhibition. I wanted to think of added elements that will make my exhibition both personal, but unique, therefore asked my subject to include a small story or experience from their point of view.Continue reading “Composing An Exhibition”

Interview Assisting

As you may have read in previous posts, I involve myself in a lot of filming sessions, to expand my knowledge with moving image technology, as well as, still imagery. In the past few weeks I have been helping out in lighting and sound recording sets for a member of HudMotion’s documentary on the Millenial’s,Continue reading “Interview Assisting”