Inspired by: Tracey Emin

During lockdown, learning different ways of being creative is especially important to me, and so when I saw dotdotart had nominated me for her Tracey Emin themed Insta gallery this time around, I wanted to take myself out of that comfortable photography box that I am used to. This time using Photoshop as my mainContinue reading “Inspired by: Tracey Emin”

Week 1: Trying to be creative during lockdown

As everyone will know we are now in lockdown, and are now (I believe) on week 6 of being confined to our homes. Yes, I have been going slightly insane, and feel as though I have done everything I can possibly do, in this small flat, however, one thing that has helped me, has beenContinue reading “Week 1: Trying to be creative during lockdown”