Choices BTS

This weekend I entered a whole new world of observing behind the scenes of filming, towards a hopefully successful short film. Throughout the two days I acted as directing photographer, where I completely left my comfort zone and previous ideas of  how to photograph your subject. This was both a learning curve, however a confidenceContinue reading “Choices BTS”

Alumni Knowledge

As an end to our Creative Exchange week, we had the opportunities to sit in presentations from previous students of the University including: Dan Ainsworth the creator of PupilSphere, a very successful submissions website for students to showcase their own professional practices, Tom Duffield, Tim Brown, Laura Bird and many other previous students. It wasContinue reading “Alumni Knowledge”

The Photobook Club

We had many exciting opportunities throughout Creative Exchange Week, one of them including a talk from Matt Johnson, looking at the editing and thought that goes in to the publication of a successful book. He talked us through some of his own books or publications he had made, and the whole idea behind getting aContinue reading “The Photobook Club”

Rachel Brown :: Portfolio Review

At the beginning of Creative Exchange Week I was lucky enough to have a portfolio review with Rachel Brown, a photography director currently working for Harper’s Bazaar and also Town & Country. She has taught me that most of the time you have to work alongside your earning job, where her career and her personalContinue reading “Rachel Brown :: Portfolio Review”

‘Making Strange’

When faced with the conceptual idea that my work is ‘Making Strange’, I have excelled on this idea that you can create imagery that almost doesn’t make sense to the viewer. Similar to that of Paul Nash’s art-based photography, where he has created imagery that is obscuring the subject in a way that you can notContinue reading “‘Making Strange’”