Giving families a better retail experience:

A large factor for our Empty Shop Project is to create an enticing environment for families, and young people. There are limited retail experiences that provide the facilities that can advertise to both an older demographic and the younger, wanting to enjoy their time in a store. Similar to that of previously mentioned Decathlon. AContinue reading “Giving families a better retail experience:”

Communicating our Proposition

This week we had Phil from The Enterprise Team come in to talk about the development of our pitch, and creating your best elevator pitch, when needing to quickly tell someone your idea. This was very helpful because he gave us several questions to help with the pitch, and got us thinking about what isContinue reading “Communicating our Proposition”

How do we make this unique?

When producing a creative concept, there will always be the overbearing worry of ‘is this unique enough?’ ‘Has anyone already done this?’ and if this has been done then how are we to curate something new and different, particularly in this market. This is why it has been important to find out what is alreadyContinue reading “How do we make this unique?”

My own interpretation of the ESP brief

With this module being something slightly different to what I am used to, I need to consider the aspects of a shop where I will still have the abilities to contribute towards it, using my own practice and technical skills, within photography. There are aspects that interest me such as a contribution of moving image,Continue reading “My own interpretation of the ESP brief”

The Empty Shop Project

As an introduction to term 2 of my MA degree year, we have been provided with a brief that allows us to use immersive experiences, within a retail environment. We have been placed in several groups – all of us with different specialisms and creative backgrounds, allowing us to collaborate in these groups, and createContinue reading “The Empty Shop Project”