Why did I choose to investigate SWers?

The first time I had ever met/seen a working girl was during my final year of university. We’d just moved in to a block of student flats that was situated in the Red Light Districts of Huddersfield, we were unknowing to this when we first moved, however did not feel affected or offended by this.Continue reading “Why did I choose to investigate SWers?”

Those who left sketchbooks

I’ve recently been looking at the way artists document their practice. How they acknowledge their inner conversations, but also just to understand that “sketching”, and figuring things out is normal. I have decided to share a couple below: Keith Haring’s Journal; 1971 – 1989 With such an iconic, striking, and unique style, I wanted toContinue reading “Those who left sketchbooks”

Anatomy of a scandal

Rasha Kahil: an artist whose work I’ve kept in my research folder for a while now, and I have to admit that it’s a fantastic project, Anatomy of a scandal documents the process after her project is released to the public. The response to her work includes a vast amount of negativity, and she usesContinue reading “Anatomy of a scandal”

You get me: M. Hussain

In correspondence to my previous post looking at identity, I want to discuss Mahtab Hussain’s practice “You get me?” The practice mixes class, and racial identities, and encapsulates the two perfectly. The photographs mainly take place throughout London, Nottingham and Birmingham, examining South Asian Muslim men living in contemporary Britain. It highlights the issues theseContinue reading “You get me: M. Hussain”

Sawada: Facial Recognition

Identity becomes a huge factor in the work I am looking towards, and the work I have previously produced, so over the upcoming weeks I will be reviewing different practices, that I feel present identity in exceptional ways. Firstly, I want to discuss Tomoko Sawada, a Japanese female photographer, who has an extensive library ofContinue reading “Sawada: Facial Recognition”

The consequences of being an outsider

Due to my position of researching sex work, however, being an outsider within the sex industry, it is extremely important that I am aware of the negative impact I could have to the industry. The element of intrusion and distrust I may cause just by solely photographing sex workers, could be detrimental to the identitiesContinue reading “The consequences of being an outsider”

Hello 2021!!

Happy 2021, here’s hoping the end of the year is much better than the start! Where did time go?! I’m back on the blog, and I will try my best to keep updated! So, 2 lockdowns later, and on to the 3rd. Here, I am wondering why I haven’t even started shooting yet, but withContinue reading “Hello 2021!!”