Student Media Summit 2018

Last weekend was an eye-opening experience for me, with my passion for photojournalism and all things photographical, me and two of my HudMotion peers, attended the Student Media Summit in London, Shoreditch. The word ‘Media’ maybe advertises to a larger audience than what is expected from the Amnesty team, however the summit introduced itself toContinue reading “Student Media Summit 2018”


After some trouble with printing out our books at a reprographics, reminding us why we give ourselves enough time for small problems such as this; me and three other colleagues had the opportunity to visit Entwhistle in Manchester, to speak about professionally printing our zines/books. The company was extremely helpful in making sure everything wasContinue reading “Entwhistle”

The journey of an image

When rustling through some academic, non-photography related sources, I found this beautifully placed postcard… it belonged to Matt Theodore, a photographer, however after some research in to the artist I found that his work could relate strongly to the photography which I have invested myself in to over the past year. It’s instances like thisContinue reading “The journey of an image”

Book Review: Alex Beldea

To coincide with the development process, I asked Alex Beldea to review my dummy book thus far. As a small booklet to showcase my practice from the year, I felt there were significant changes that I could make to this, therefore a professional and academic opinion was the best way for me to get feedbackContinue reading “Book Review: Alex Beldea”

G . F Smith

In order to get the upmost out of my practice and the book I am aiming to produce, I have had to investigate a range of paper types and stocks. This is so that I can ensure I am making the conscious effort to allow the images, paper and colours of my booklet to workContinue reading “G . F Smith”

Blueprint :: Conor Palliser

This week a fellow student (Conor Palliser), was part of a group of artistic University students, that showcased their unique work in a small exhibition. This included a range of creative aspects such as; photography, music, graphic design and illustration, all of which were arranged and presented by the artists themselves. The exhibition space wasContinue reading “Blueprint :: Conor Palliser”

Paper Tests

For a successful final piece I want to know if I am using the right materials and paper, for the book to look as best as it can be. This is why I have tested a few different paper stocks that would be suitable for a book. Choosing a few aspects of my book toContinue reading “Paper Tests”

Credited Work

As a photographer who aims to be successful in the freelancing industry, it is always a huge reward being credited for your work, even when it is something small. Over the past few weeks, I have been redefining my work, as to create the perfect overall practice for the final stages of my degree. IContinue reading “Credited Work”