Presentation and Pitching

Throughout the course of this module we practiced pitching and presenting our ideas. This was in the run up to the showcase and a final presentation, and although these practices have helped it was still particularly nerve-racking knowing you will be stood in front of the rest of your peers, presenting the concept you and your group have come up with.

Despite all the nerves, I feel as though it was a successful presentation this week, and I am very happy with how we presented our idea to all of our tutors and peers. We organised the pitch in a way that would be presentable, and understandable. With Uzeaf making the presentation because he is handy with InDesign and his graphic design knowledge allows him to be able to curate professional presentations, we looked like we could really do this. The feedback we received was positive, and I feel we all did amazing to keep our cool. Well done team Sk8ers!

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