Colour Scheming

When marketing our branding and shop, we need to come up with coherent themes for the colour, imagery and typography, we need to make sure us as a group have the same scheme for ideas surrounding this. With branding that looks at skateboarding and skating we wanted to create a bold selection of colours to come across all of the marketing, so that our products, website and posters stand out, with the theme in mind.

We have chosen one bold colour, and two subtle colours, this will foreground our colour choice. We have gone for a yellow, ‘Rise and Shine’ for our acknowledging colour, this is both aesthetically pleasing but also symbolises the skateboarding theme we have in our store.

Below is a mood board of the colour scheme we preferred to use throughout each aspect of marketing:

I initially began looking at earthly and natural colours, which is where the yellow has come from. Colours such as: browns, greens and reds, to coincide with the urban atmosphere created with skateboarding. However the bold yellow contributes to the urbanisation of skateboarding as well, as I felt this links well with the artistic side, with the mix of graffiti and drawing. Here is a moodboard of the natural colours I looked at, all of which bring boldness to the ESP we have created.

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