The Old Co-Operative

With research for possible locations, it was important to us that we improved the state of skateboarding in Huddersfield, and making sure skateboarders have somewhere to go.

One of the reasons behind this is the lack of space for those who enjoy the sport, resulting in them using the multi-story carpark next to the markets in Huddersfield. Although, this weekly meet up, is council sponsored, it would be wise to say that there could be better spots for these individuals to go. And as mentioned in the Examiner article, street skating in particular leaves pavements and walkways with cracked stone. Which is why there is the alternative event put on for skateboarders in Queensgate carpark.

Although the article expresses the illegality of street skating, it is still something that happens in todays society, and using an already existing building to use as the safe-space for skaters is incredibly helpful.

We have together decided that the Old Co-Operative building is perfect for a skateboarding location and store built-in one. Using a building that was previously a shopping store, and also a night club, seems fitting particularly because of the run down interior. The section we wanted to use for this is the rooftop, which could be graffitied and spray painted by the individuals. Giving them that unique experience.

The issues we do have for this is that the building is beginning to be listed as a renovation for student accommodation, and as a group of students, we do however feel that this is not a wise decision. We feel that there are enough student homes in Huddersfield, and using our concept for this building, would benefit students, young people, and residents of the area. The sense of community between student and residents is not particularly there, and something such as this would bring morality into Huddersfield.

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