To establish ourselves and a theme throughout, using other skateboarding influences is very important. An influence for our website in particular has come from that of Ideal Skate, in Birmingham, being one of the first Skateboarding shops to open in the UK, and being open for the last 25 years, it has a lot of aspects that helps us in discovering what would be useful for our own store and website. An easy negotiable website is key, when advertising a skateboarding shop/branding, and this is something Ideal has. Using bold visuals, links back to the theme of skateboarding, and everything hits the nail on the head of what we expect our marketing to be like.

Having a blog, shop and collaborative brands all on one website, makes for a much more enticing establishment. For future developments of our practice, it would be interesting to have a collaborative blog between the group, where we can showcase our design work, or any events as such that may be happening in the store. With this being a store in Huddersfield, and somewhere, where their isn’t much activity for skateboarders, it could bring more of an interest, and with adding the blog into this as well.

Not only this, but the website gives am insight in to the artwork on the skateboards, which is a really good aspect to add on to the website. It gives us an idea of the aspects individuals would be on board with, but also the prices given for the products they sell through their website.

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