How do we make this unique?

When producing a creative concept, there will always be the overbearing worry of ‘is this unique enough?’ ‘Has anyone already done this?’ and if this has been done then how are we to curate something new and different, particularly in this market. This is why it has been important to find out what is already niche in this field.

Decathlon, is the company that triggered our ideas to produce something a bit more exciting, and including factors of different areas, and particularly sports. The Decathlon Experience stores are only a handful of stores, out of the many they have, however, the ones that have interactive stores and competitions etc… are highly successful throughout. This technique uses a ‘try before you buy’ system, which would seem like a smart way to introduce customers to the store, while creating a fun and lively environment, for people of all ages. Including those with younger families, something which seems more and more difficult in todays society.

We need to ensure we do not run a shop, or design a shop that means we are copyrighting the original, and need to find the gap in the market for Huddersfield specifically.

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