My own interpretation of the ESP brief

With this module being something slightly different to what I am used to, I need to consider the aspects of a shop where I will still have the abilities to contribute towards it, using my own practice and technical skills, within photography.

There are aspects that interest me such as a contribution of moving image, and/or AI/AR because this will be something that still uses camera technologies but also an aspect of entertainment that I find appealing. To incorporate something like this in to a retail experience, would be particularly interesting, and something completely unique. When given this brief we were informed on the different aspects of retail experience that we could use, for instance one of the thoughts was to use a piece of technology that would record and inform the public about their products, where they come from and the nutritional values that come with this product.

This is something that I am going to find difficult because, it is out of my depth, but it will definitely help me think like a professional creative and bring me away from something I am used to, and put me in to the deep end. This module will also allow me to collaborate with other practitioners, in particular ones that will help with stylising and marketing.

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