Inspired by: Andy Warhol

As mentioned in previous posts, @dotdotart (the lovely Léa Jackson) on Instagram has been keeping people entertained, and more importantly creative during the course of these tricky times. Her artist themed weekly Insta gallery have definitely been something I have looked forward to each week.

Week 2 was a theme surrounded by the marvelously, talented Andy Warhol, the leading creative of the Pop Art movement, a monumental change in the art world. From Marilyn Monroe diptychs to a photograph representing the Civil Rights Movement, Andy Warhol was, and still is an inspiration in the art world. As nominated by Dotdotart, I decided to experiment, and produce work that was completely out of the norm for me. I was toing and froing all week, ‘what am I going to do?’, ‘can I even represent this artist?’ but I realised that I was thinking too much on it, as it was a bit of fun, something people can enjoy, but also something people can use to bring back some positivity and excitement. So instead I just tested out different images.

Alike to some of Warhol’s work, I chose to use self-portraits, however these were ones that I had previously taken for my own experimentations. With these portraits, I wanted to learn how to curate a Pop Art vision through Photoshop. And although, very rough in imagery, I quite enjoyed having a bit of fun with the images, playing around with colours, and learning something new.

The one below, was a failed attempt – a bit scruffy, and almost as if a child has done it:

However, these next ones look a little better (I think I tried to distract your eyes from the scruffiness) by using them all together as a diptych:

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