Interim Show

Having a chance to share my work with the group and critically analyse my peers work, was very useful for me. This meant I was able to view my work in a way that I previously couldn’t adjust myself to doing. I am always very critical of my own work, however when other people were speaking to me about what I could improve and where to take my project, it means I am then able to progress my work, and have my imagery viewed in the way I would like. It was also good to see my photography hung up and on display, this was stage one of getting ready for a final exhibition. There were a few downsides to doing this as a single image show, as my project is a series of images set for editorial it means that the image alone does not make sense, therefore people don’t understand my ideas and thoughts to why I produced this. However the task of doing this meant I have adapted my abilities to give my peers feedback on what I thought of their work, and gave them advice of where they could also progress.


This gave me the opportunity to think about the paper I was to use and how this would be viewed by my audience. Despite this, I feel the paper I chose was wrong for this imagery, as I wanted it to be on semi-gloss, meaning the material of the paper would correspond with the image itself. Taking this on board, I would need to test out my print several times, in the future, before picking a finalised print. 

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