‘Making Strange’

When faced with the conceptual idea that my work is ‘Making Strange’, I have excelled on this idea that you can create imagery that almost doesn’t make sense to the viewer. Similar to that of Paul Nash’s art-based photography, where he has created imagery that is obscuring the subject in a way that you can notContinue reading “‘Making Strange’”

Shooting in low light conditions

When visiting the island of Phuket, Thailand, I found the atmosphere and culture a complete contrast to what we are used to in the UK, the nightlife in particular was an aspect that interested me, so then I was faced with the task of capturing this. The busy, narrow streets of Patong Beach were illuminatedContinue reading “Shooting in low light conditions”

Film Experimentation

When visiting the multicultural city of Los Angeles, USA, I felt it necessary to try to capture the scenery in film, to highlight the vibrant, saturated palette of Venice and Muscle Beach, two of the most popular beaches throughout America. The images are all double exposed to contrast with the multi-faceted culture within the city,Continue reading “Film Experimentation”