Bryn Griffiths: BIPP Award Winner

Bryn Griffiths, came in this week to give us a talk on his own professional practices. As a BIPP Award winner, his knowledgable experience was very influential and helped to get an insight in to the professional world of freelance photography. His initial start off in to the creative world was through auto-motive photography, somethingContinue reading “Bryn Griffiths: BIPP Award Winner”

Composing An Exhibition

As the final exhibition dooms on me, I have started to compose mock examples of what will be my space during the exhibition. I wanted to think of added elements that will make my exhibition both personal, but unique, therefore asked my subject to include a small story or experience from their point of view.Continue reading “Composing An Exhibition”

Interview Assisting

As you may have read in previous posts, I involve myself in a lot of filming sessions, to expand my knowledge with moving image technology, as well as, still imagery. In the past few weeks I have been helping out in lighting and sound recording sets for a member of HudMotion’s documentary on the Millenial’s,Continue reading “Interview Assisting”

The Archive of Modern Conflict

During a short trip to Scotland, I visited the well known Stills centre of photography. This is a very intimate and unique gallery, that was established in 1977 and has been highly successful from then on. A gallery which then becomes very personal, this is purely due to the welcome that you have when presentedContinue reading “The Archive of Modern Conflict”

John Stezaker :: The Whitworth Gallery

This week I visited Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery. There was a mixture of Stezaker’s practices on display in this exhibition, including his projects, ‘Masks’ and ‘Untitled’. They both make use of mixed-media, and his way of appropriating imagery to mean something they don’t originally. ‘Untitled’ was a piece that definitely appealed to me, because of theContinue reading “John Stezaker :: The Whitworth Gallery”

Postgrad Fair

In the past week visited the Postgraduate Study Fair at the University of Huddersfield, as I have already applied I just wanted to learn about financing and how I would get through the year financially. This was very helpful, and I would advise anyone to visit these type of events, it gives you an insightContinue reading “Postgrad Fair”

Final Interim

This week was the final interim, for the final year students, and for me personally my thoughts were on the pairings of my images and how they would work well together. This was a thought triggered because of my title ‘Conversations’, Stella realised that it would show my title well if I were to placeContinue reading “Final Interim”

Career plans for the future…

After changing my mind on my career path (from PGCE to MA), I decided to book a slot with the careers office. This was to give me a piece of mind, for where I wanted to go after graduating. A lot of people have told me in the past that they struggle on where toContinue reading “Career plans for the future…”

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

As an investigation in to my personal practice I chose to attend The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, this therefore would help me develop my ideas in to the world of portraiture and to progress my project further. One exhibit that was on show, was that of the BP Portrait Awards from 2017, which showcased someContinue reading “The Scottish National Portrait Gallery”