Exhibition Showcase

This week we were to bring our concepts to ‘life’ and exhibit them at the Market Gallery in the Town centre of Huddersfield. Our concept has so many aspects to it, that we were unable to produce the content in the small amount of space that we were given. So, when considering this, we neededContinue reading “Exhibition Showcase”

Accessibility for disability

One of the aspects during group meetings that we have wanted to be open-minded around, was the inclusion of disabilities in the store. Because, we have chosen a subject and idea surrounding sports and skateboarding, this leaves a gap for those with inabilities to get involved in these sports, this is why research into whatContinue reading “Accessibility for disability”

Skate like a girl

As the only female involved in this group project, I want to enable that I establish the marketing tools that will advertise itself to not only the male population, but also females too. Obviously, our project will be based in Huddersfield, therefore I need to establish ways that advertisements and social media based marketing willContinue reading “Skate like a girl”

The Skateboarding Fashion

Their are many popular aspects that come from skating and it’s fashion. The unique branding surrounding this has been around for decades, and particularly seen from the 60s, as i-D mentions that it began with striped t-shirts, originating from sailors. Bringing the essence of borrowed fashion, however making it successful and trendy. The separation betweenContinue reading “The Skateboarding Fashion”