Inspired by: Tracey Emin

During lockdown, learning different ways of being creative is especially important to me, and so when I saw dotdotart had nominated me for her Tracey Emin themed Insta gallery this time around, I wanted to take myself out of that comfortable photography box that I am used to. This time using Photoshop as my mainContinue reading “Inspired by: Tracey Emin”

Week 1: Trying to be creative during lockdown

As everyone will know we are now in lockdown, and are now (I believe) on week 6 of being confined to our homes. Yes, I have been going slightly insane, and feel as though I have done everything I can possibly do, in this small flat, however, one thing that has helped me, has beenContinue reading “Week 1: Trying to be creative during lockdown”

The Photographic Theorist

This is more of an appreciation post than anything, but this talented, hardworking individual has been my guidance for more than likely a year now. Not-only has she provided me with the graft it takes to produce successful writings and work, but she has given me insights in to the life of a London-living sexContinue reading “The Photographic Theorist”

You Paid For Me…

As a social difference, and a split within opinions, sex work, and it’s relationship with society is somewhat rocky. These are the relationships I investigated heavily through the last year of both Academia, and my practical experimentations. It is a project I have however been unable to talk about for many unfortunate reasons: one beingContinue reading “You Paid For Me…”

Should I be embarrassed that I work in hospitality after just receiving my MA?

When beginning the next hurdle of my life – starting a job – I convinced myself that I NEEDED to find a job in the creative industry, otherwise I am a failure. In my mind it would not work. If I found something different, that would be my dreams lost completely. But here I amContinue reading “Should I be embarrassed that I work in hospitality after just receiving my MA?”

Starting something new

I am a month out of University, and have come to the decision that I am going to record and track my experiences of being out of University. It is common knowledge that there are struggles when leaving university, whether you are looking for creative work, or experience problematic differences of full-time work from full-timeContinue reading “Starting something new”

Presentation and Pitching

Throughout the course of this module we practiced pitching and presenting our ideas. This was in the run up to the showcase and a final presentation, and although these practices have helped it was still particularly nerve-racking knowing you will be stood in front of the rest of your peers, presenting the concept you andContinue reading “Presentation and Pitching”