Anatomy of a scandal

Rasha Kahil: an artist whose work I’ve kept in my research folder for a while now, and I have to admit that it’s a fantastic project, Anatomy of a scandal documents the process after her project is released to the public. The response to her work includes a vast amount of negativity, and she uses this to her advantage by establishing a second publication of work. This inspires me. It ushers me to make something controversial, establish a body of work that could create some conversation, and discussions, and with these discussions, to have them available as a second piece of art.

I have started looking towards artists who document their processes, whether that’s pre-publication, or post. The establishment of audience you get from documenting and showing how you work is interesting. I also feel as though if I was to begin making diary entries, or even blog posts regarding my practice, it will present how ethically driven I am through the work. I want to show my subjects that I am genuine, and avoiding the exploitation of my subjects, by properly doing the research.

Secondly, the projects origin In your home, presents themes of identity, as well as, relationship between sitter and subject. In this work, however, the relationship is slightly unusual. In prospect the images are of herself, so self-portraits, however, she is placing herself in her friends’ homes, when they are gone, therefore, it then becomes about them, and their relationship with their friend, the photographer. It’s an interesting dynamic, and some so unique that I will continue to use it as influence in future.

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Both projects can be seen here.

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