Sawada: Facial Recognition

Identity becomes a huge factor in the work I am looking towards, and the work I have previously produced, so over the upcoming weeks I will be reviewing different practices, that I feel present identity in exceptional ways.

Firstly, I want to discuss Tomoko Sawada, a Japanese female photographer, who has an extensive library of works, most of which focus on that of identity, or similar, however I found most appealed to ‘Facial Signature’. In Facial Signature, Sawada looks at her experiences whilst living in New York, and the archetypes that she was mistaken by – Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Mongolian etc… And with this idea she decided to photograph herself transformed in 300 different ways.

This is a perfect example of how perceptions are made in immediate fashion, however in this example race, and racial identity are at the forefront of this observation. I think it’s important to be aware of projects that discuss matters of a political nature, and how influences can be taken. In this nature identity, for her, has been taken in many different ways. Whether that’s as a false accusation or as true personality traits.

To view Tomoko Sawada’s publications and works, click here.

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