Hello 2021!!

Happy 2021, here’s hoping the end of the year is much better than the start! Where did time go?! I’m back on the blog, and I will try my best to keep updated!

So, 2 lockdowns later, and on to the 3rd. Here, I am wondering why I haven’t even started shooting yet, but with Covid guidelines, and restrictions constantly changing, it’s not particularly a walk in the park. Plus, I maybe, admittedly, lost track of time, and the months all rolled into one.

Anyway, I thought I would start off with a bit of a welcome back post, a positive look in to the New Year. 2021 I hope will be the year “you paid for me: volume II” gets its feet off the ground, the year I hopefully begin making contacts, provide information to focus groups, and print the originally volume I, and allow people to actually see the first edition of the project.

In the past year I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve been able to understand the industry a bit more, listen to interviews, watch documentaries, and just delve myself in to the research. I’ve been able to work with my mentor, and learn from her. She has given me the ability to be an observer in to important aspects of the society, and provide me with important, ethical information to guide my practice in the right direction.

Alongside the research and work for my project, I am beginning some small rebranding – keep an eye out shortly, for a new logo, and a change on my socials.

I hope that this year is a successful one, not only for me, but for my body of work.

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