The Photographic Theorist

This is more of an appreciation post than anything, but this talented, hardworking individual has been my guidance for more than likely a year now. Not-only has she provided me with the graft it takes to produce successful writings and work, but she has given me insights in to the life of a London-living sex worker in the 21st century. But most importantly she is undergoing her PhD, in an intellectual, and strong piece of work, that will give people insight from an honest perspective, about the sex industry, and how imagery depicts sex workers.

I want to use this post so that people can follow her research and understand the lives of those in the sex industry. Keep an eye out for her amazing published articles soon to come.

Not only that, but I recently came across Camille’s blog, of which I believe is an absolute insight, but also produces such an intellect on her research and personal stories of being a sex worker.

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