Should I be embarrassed that I work in hospitality after just receiving my MA?

When beginning the next hurdle of my life – starting a job – I convinced myself that I NEEDED to find a job in the creative industry, otherwise I am a failure. In my mind it would not work. If I found something different, that would be my dreams lost completely.

But here I am anyway… working in hospitality, on full-time work, hourly wages, and rota’d shifts, the complete opposite to my initial plans. But I have come to realise that it’s not that easy, you don’t just get a degree and suddenly a job comes with it, you have to put the time, effort and determination in. I know for certain I am not the only one with these worries, because most individuals I know have the same concerns as myself, which ultimately should stop me from being so downhearted about my situation. However, the reasonable thoughts get blocked out, and you start to presume everything to be the worst it could possibly be. Realistically it actually couldn’t be a better predicament.

I have been able to present myself into a new environment, and meet completely new people, who some of which, are also going through the same motions as myself, which is comforting. I have moved to a brand new city, so I have enabled myself to curate a small group of like-minded people. Not only this, but I have given myself the time out of work, to ensure I stay in contact with professionals, educators, or successful creatives to envision where I will go next with my career. I have been able to work on my portfolio, assist photographers, and also have a relatively calm job whilst doing-so, and these are aspects that make it so much more worthwhile.

All in all, the answer to my question ‘should I be embarrassed – or even ashamed – to be in the workplace I hadn’t initially planned to be involved in?’ Is absolutely not, I am still using this as my learning curve, and I know I am determined to progress myself. I mean, I got through University didn’t I? So, what’s stopping me after that mindfield!!

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