Drawing to a Conclusion

The Empty Shop Project brief was an eye-opener to working alongside other creative professionals, although I was put with an amazing, cooperative group, I need to get used to the concept of working with several individuals, as I am very much used to being creative by myself. I was lucky enough to be put with 5 other creatives whom have different backgrounds and cultures to me, and we were able to bring all of these aspects together, to create something unique to any other concept.

Not only this, but working with mainly graphic designers has helped me learn some new aspects of different softwares, however it might have also been slightly more beneficial to have some individuals from other departments involve with us, such as: fashion or textiles, to give some input on styling and the fashion side of our concept. Despite not having the professionals for this side of the module, the group however, did an amazing job making something that could definitely pull itself off as something legit.

We struggled to meet up outside of lectures, because of personal timetables and commitments with other modules. Although, I feel as though we pulled through this and successfully communicated other social media, and the occasional meet to discuss updates. We were particularly successful in giving each other a heads up on any working progresses, or anything that was finalised to ensure we were all in agreement, and this is why we did so well to produce the work we did.

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