Accessibility for disability

One of the aspects during group meetings that we have wanted to be open-minded around, was the inclusion of disabilities in the store. Because, we have chosen a subject and idea surrounding sports and skateboarding, this leaves a gap for those with inabilities to get involved in these sports, this is why research into what technology using VR or gaming could be used in our store is important. This way we can think of ways to prevent this market from being excluded from the store we have in mind.

So looking at ‘Ability Net’ they have found several pieces of technology that can be considered when creating an environment that has Virtual Reality aspects. So for those with hard of hearing, can use advanced gloves that have sensory aspects, with the ability of transferring sign language in to text or speech, this will enable them to communicate with the game better, particularly when communicating with other characters in specific games or activities using VR technology. Not only this but as Ability Net have said, it also breaks down the barrier of miscommunication between those who cannot speak, and those who cannot understand BSL. ‘SignAloud’.

Mobility would be a huge aspect for us to look at, because of it being such an active sport. Ability Net has researched in to this aspect, and the simulation of VR, and something they have mentioned is the simulation of skateboarding, this would be particularly important to look at including for our store.

Although Ability Net discovers the advantages and disadvantages of specific aspects of VR for individuals with disabilities, Embrace The Life, Virtual Reality, provide the possibilities for individuals with inabilities to be able to still play sports.

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