The Skateboarding Fashion

Their are many popular aspects that come from skating and it’s fashion. The unique branding surrounding this has been around for decades, and particularly seen from the 60s, as i-D mentions that it began with striped t-shirts, originating from sailors. Bringing the essence of borrowed fashion, however making it successful and trendy.

The separation between skaters themselves and the fashion which advertises itself towards this, are completely different. ‘Vans’ is a prime suspect of being part of the skating culture, both sponsoring rock festivals, and providing new shoe trends, however, the brand also caters itself towards the skaters inside all of us. Being such a diverse brand, Vans is worn by several generations, and even though the typical white Vans, was a thing of the past, the trends towards skating fashion has been a huge hit in the 20th century, and are much more successful for Vans.

Branding such as Thrasher, HUF, RIPNDIP and Nike, follow a similar network of basing themselves around this industry as well. Not only this, but the fashion that revolves the skating brand, has expenses that are high, so then has the separate market of the higher class individuals, despite the sport itself being a more grounded and typically lower-class sport, because of it’s in-heritage.

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