We found a gap in the market!

Now we have researched into the several areas of shopping experiences, and particularly through the area of sports stores, we have found that the most popular stores use a mixture of sports throughout the stores, so they will have all the equipment out for people to use, all having various appeal to several different sports.

However there are some sports branding and/or stores that may specify to one (previously mentioned). And from this research we found that a sporting trend in the 21st century is skateboarding, and this is something, we as a group, have seen this trend throughout University. We also know that this is a sport that all genders and possibly ages from teens up to late 20’s, can enjoy. There is also no where in Huddersfield that has such a diverse idea for a retail store.

With skateboarding soon to be included in the Olympics, with its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this seems to be the perfect sport to include for our sports store. It will could create a lot of interest from those who are interested in the Olympics, and follow the event, but we will also get both male and females involved.

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