Nic Clear

Today, we had Nic Clear come in to give a talk about his own work. Giving us an insight in to his own work, and experiences with exhibitions, which is of great importance as we are heading to showcase our concepts at an exhibition in a couple of weeks. It was insightful to hear that he was planning an exhibition in the same spot as well, so that was extremely helpful to have him explain how we plans for this.

Not only was Nic helpful with his exhibitions, we were also able to give Nic a pitch of our ideas and he gave us some good pointers for what we can do to keep the originality of the store, and our ideas. He mentioned that females might not come to a skate store, however I have to disagree with him slightly, as I am the only female in the group, I can openly say that a new and intriguing concept that allows beginners to try out skateboarding would definitely make me want to go. Not only this, but I know plenty of females who would be willing to join in this as well. So I still believe that our idea is a good idea, with a lot of originality.

He has also given us an idea to curate our own mini skateboard park, to see if it would be possible to create our own. It would use layering and stacking, and would be an art concept, as well as a sporting store. He made us aware of the fact that our idea would take up a lot of space, so we would need to consider that when showcasing it.

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