The Empty Shop Project

As an introduction to term 2 of my MA degree year, we have been provided with a brief that allows us to use immersive experiences, within a retail environment. We have been placed in several groups – all of us with different specialisms and creative backgrounds, allowing us to collaborate in these groups, and create a unique and exciting idea.

As a group, by using relative research on the progression of retail experiences we have introduced several ideas:

  • Gaming shop – arcade theme, using consoles and retro games.
  • Supermarket retail – using the beacon to produce different types of information on the product: Where it’s come from? The nutritional values of the food.
  • Sports Shop – having several sports equipment, in store and ready for families and children to get out the house and use it as a day out.

Our finalised thoughts for this brief is to introduce a store that has some qualities of each aspect at the moment, however, have the store using a theme of health and nutritional. This is something unique, especially in Huddersfield Town, but also around the area in general, but also gets people active and consciously thinking about their health. We have chosen something more experience based rather than online, because of the fall in people physically shopping and enjoying this, however something similar to this would definitely have an impact of people’s enjoyment of retail shopping.

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