Student Media Summit 2018

Last weekend was an eye-opening experience for me, with my passion for photojournalism and all things photographical, me and two of my HudMotion peers, attended the Student Media Summit in London, Shoreditch. The word ‘Media’ maybe advertises to a larger audience than what is expected from the Amnesty team, however the summit introduced itself to me as very informative and exciting. There was only a small amount being spoken on media as a whole, however the knowledge and skills that the individuals, who gave talks, had was incredible. My two peers, one being from a film-based background, and the other within sound-design, were also seen engrossed into the information being relayed on all things journalistic. This just shows that no matter your background within the media, this Summit becomes very informative and helpful to you as an individual, and as a society in improving our outlook on professionalism and getting things done to our best standards.


I feel the summit has helped us learn about the way we should pitch our ideas and projects, and also to present ourselves to people in a confident way. The whole weekend for me was a range of emotions, from fits of laughter created by Ian Hislop, to the emotional stories that people such as Paul Conroy and Sue Turton told us. Not only this, but it was an absolute inspiration to hear every person on that stage showing their success, and made me proud to call myself a Woman in Media.

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