G . F Smith

In order to get the upmost out of my practice and the book I am aiming to produce, I have had to investigate a range of paper types and stocks. This is so that I can ensure I am making the conscious effort to allow the images, paper and colours of my booklet to work together in making the best out of the recourses I have available to me.

For the past few weeks I have been looking at G . F. Smith’s paper as I know this will excel in my book and will compliment the imagery a lot more than in-house paper types, however I also wanted to explore this for my own professional experience. So, I have chosen 100% polar crisp white smooth, for the inside pages of my book, as it is a thinner paper, however sits nicely with my imagery. For the outside cover, I have chosen a brown Harvest colourplan, as my image will sit nicely on the front of this.

I want to test slotting my image inside the front cover, or simply print straight on to the brown paper. This links well with the subtlety of my imagery and links personalisation of the photographs I have shot. I wanted this to look like a notebook therefore I feel this suits my look best.

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