Zine Testing

To progress my work to it’s best abilities I have chosen to test a range of zines for my final major project. This was a test on how the layout would work best for my practice, and I had to choose between two books, one solely based on the texts I have collected, and another based on just the images. But then I was unsure whether to mix the two elements together in a way to create the question about the individuals I have photographed.

Having the images on full spreads, works well, because of the composition of the photographs, however I would have this full bleed enabling the images to be the main and only focus of the page. If possible I may add a small title to the bottom of the photographs, however I do not want too much reflection on who the person is, due to the sense that I have collected different elements of people’s experiences.

I called this ‘words without pictures’ as a literal sign, including all my personal statements from the subjects I have chosen. With no indication to who they are about, causes question on the individual from the corresponding zine that will be made separate. For my future tests I want to look at tracing paper,  I will have the text written for me, they could then be slotted in my zine with the photographs instead of as separate books.

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