Composing An Exhibition


As the final exhibition dooms on me, I have started to compose mock examples of what will be my space during the exhibition. I wanted to think of added elements that will make my exhibition both personal, but unique, therefore asked my subject to include a small story or experience from their point of view. As these are testers, they were not to be the final extract, however I have found they give a lot of personality to my photographs. You can really tell who was a bit more shy about giving themselves away and those who were a lot more confident and creatively added elements of humour to the photography.


For instance, ‘I’m trying to make more friends here…’ is included in the small extract from the individuals own experiences, I thought that small extracts like this would be interesting to use as titles for the images. It causes reaction from the viewer but also this is a part that best describes how the individual thrives studying in a different country.

My aim is to collect these from all of my subjects, putting them alongside each image. For this to progress to a better level, I believe a book will be ideal as I can include all of the notes and the images alongside. This could include small elements of locations. However if this is not ideal, I would like to add multiple images of the same person, showing the conversations I have had with my subjects and how the individual has co-operated with me, and the lens.

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