John Stezaker :: The Whitworth Gallery

This week I visited Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery. There was a mixture of Stezaker’s practices on display in this exhibition, including his projects, ‘Masks’ and ‘Untitled’. They both make use of mixed-media, and his way of appropriating imagery to mean something they don’t originally.


‘Untitled’ was a piece that definitely appealed to me, because of the way that he has used well-known imagery of famous cinematic faces, to then incorporate couples together by slicing them, then placing them on top of one another. This is something I have particularly found interesting to look as an influential guidance throughout my personal work, because of the profile that is introduced with these portrait images.


This piece of work, is something I have already investigated in with previous practices of my own work, however looking at it in this context, is something I have found even more appealing. This is due to the framing and arrangement for the images themselves, in a way to work as a flowing piece of work. He seems to find the perfect pieces to put together and create a new meaning for imagery, even with the portraiture photographs. However, in ‘Masks’ this is what the work is doing, by using a mixture of postcards and found imagery, he creates new foreground for imagery and their narrative behind it. 

The Whitworth Gallery

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