Final Interim

This week was the final interim, for the final year students, and for me personally my thoughts were on the pairings of my images and how they would work well together. This was a thought triggered because of my title ‘Conversations’, Stella realised that it would show my title well if I were to place two images together as a diptych, one image with an intense look towards the camera, and the other a display of the conversions me and the subject were having, and possibly creating some form of relationship with the viewers as well.

This is one of the diptychs I felt did not work as well as I would have hoped, due to the similarities of both images. This therefore, has definitely put me to the conclusion, that these specific images will not be ones I include in my final show. This is why instances and situations like this become very helpful.

A lot of the feedback received asked me to look at moving image, however I feel that these images show this in small snippets, it looks at the movement of our conversation.

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