Coffee House Sessions

Being one of the only photographers that is part of the HudMotion society means I allow myself to be involved in a lot of events for the Student Union. This week I helped alongside some of the other members, in filming and photographing some of the Coffee House Sessions. Photographing in situations such as this, is something that I am completely out of my depth with, however, something I also believe will help me huge amounts with my confidence and professional work.

I have previously photographed this event, however I believe my images were not at a very good standard, so I redefined my skills when shooting in this condition, and these images are slightly better, for the societies sake, however still not at an excellent standard.

Apart from shooting imagery for the society and the Student Union, I sat in on an interview with the artist, and did some small social media advertising, for HudMotion, Coffee House Sessions and also the artist himself. The interview sessions get filmed and posted online: Coffee House Sessions :: Desmond John


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