Them :: Those

Danny Treacy is a professional photographer, creating imagery that witnesses and records the use of space, doing this in a very conceptual way. When visiting the university he explains that, similarly to many other photographers he had problems through the beginning of his projects, as he lost touch both conceptually and physically. ‘Them’ gave the legs for Danny as a photographer to find what his projects were investigating, where he started out in abandoned flats, finding clothes and photographing himself in these clothes. Showing a large development to his most successful aspects to an intriguing and mysterious project.

In hearing that he, also like us, has to go through a process of elimination when shooting and editing his imagery, gives a sense of stability and confidence when creating my own future work. However it shows the amount of work and consistency he has put himself through to find something as surreal and interestingly compositional as the work he has created. In both these practices (Them and Those) his aim is to look at spaces, however shows that he is the researcher as well as the photographer, and also, us as the audience that he has much more personal contact with his subject, one of the reasons being that he is the person underneath the layering of clothes.

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