Kunsthalle :: Hamburg


During a short break in Hamburg I visited the Kunsthalle Gallery, Germany. This included works from the likes of Anita Ree with her exhibit ‘The Retrospective’, with some beautiful paintings to look back at her own image of herself and how she felt she was viewed. This all reflected on the idea that she was not impressed with her own identity, creating and reflecting upon this idea that these are issues which very much still exist throughout today’s social ‘norms’. 

This gallery not only opened my eyes to look at the way imagery was presented and viewed, from the scale in which they were printed, to the framing, but it also made me aware of the effect that the aesthetics of a building can change how you view the imagery. The inside of this beautiful, ancient building had belongings of old-fashioned sculptures and structural design of the interior, creating an enjoyable and aesthetical viewing. During the day I viewed a range of books, which I was able to envision in thought with my ideas for the final photo book to my project. Despite the fact, I am not yet near the end of a project, I have found it has been influential to the making of my imagery when viewing other photographers practices. This was an amazing experience that I will credit towards the final thoughts in designing my final pieces, for an exhibition.

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