Alumni Knowledge

As an end to our Creative Exchange week, we had the opportunities to sit in presentations from previous students of the University including: Dan Ainsworth the creator of PupilSphere, a very successful submissions website for students to showcase their own professional practices, Tom Duffield, Tim Brown, Laura Bird and many other previous students. It was a very influential experience, in witnessing the progressions that several other students have made since finishing their degrees, whether it was to go on to a masters or to begin a successful career in freelancing. They gave me the confidence to understand that as long as you have persistence and carry on working to your best ability you will be able to succeed.

In having this opportunity we were also incredibly lucky to receive portfolio reviews of our own work. This is very fortunate, as they were individuals who had never previously seen this work before, but had a lot of knowledge and experience in our current circumstances. It was also amazing to hear their feedback on how they feel I should progress, to get to the point where I feel happy with my work.

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