The Photobook Club

We had many exciting opportunities throughout Creative Exchange Week, one of them including a talk from Matt Johnson, looking at the editing and thought that goes in to the publication of a successful book. He talked us through some of his own books or publications he had made, and the whole idea behind getting a group of people together to talk about the makings of a good book. This is how he’s created a group called ‘The Photobook Club’, it is group that is widely successful, even nationally, where they talk about photobooks in an open and professional manner. I found that, similarly to what I’ve already experienced, high amount of thought goes in to the feel, look and even (strangely enough) the smell, can effect how you view a book. This is an aspect of my final major project that I need to consider, especially as I am interested in creating a book for my final publications.


“When we put two images together, we create a new one” – this quote looks at the sequencing of a professional practice, so this is where we were given a task of creating a sequence or narrative to a group or images we were given by Matt. I found this interesting to do as a group, solely due to the fact we all have different creative ideas, so to start we were suggesting oppositional ideas to group the imagery in to. However, we did create an interesting narrative of imagery, it was easy to get an idea of the project itself.

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