Pablo Antoli

If there is one thing I have learnt from Pablo Antoli, it is that you go through trial and error periods, where you may not enjoy what you are doing and the work you are creating. These are more than most times, periods of your life that will teach you about your abilities and techniques as an artist. He mentioned that there were few times he felt very disconnected with the work he was creating, as he just wanted to get the money he was earning and create the work he enjoyed doing. He was persistent enough to get to the stage where he felt like he was really connecting on a physical level with his body of work, teaching me that patience is the best way to get something you want to work right. There were times during his career as a Photographers Assistant that he spent observing the work of others and learning the technical values of a photographer, therefore allowing him to improve his own way of making. He explains that if you develop a specific craft, it helps feed the work in progress you currently have.

There have been moments during my academic career that I have been unsure of what I was expressing through my work, however I found that this is a normal process to go through, as he has done the same, in different aspects of his life. Despite this, theory is a big part of gaining knowledge of your subject, and also connecting yourself with the work you want to create. Antoli’s most recent body of work ‘Tectonics’ are creations of both images and pieces of art he made out of paper, using maps as his guidance to create sculptures. When doing an installation Pablo decided to reshoot some again and group them in pairs, creating a 3D model for viewing. This interested me a lot, because of the interaction you learn that he has had with his imagery, it seems then you have a lot more connection with the photography being made.

Antoli has shown me that it is difficult sometimes to know what you are saying, however when you are then on the right track it can be very rewarding and satisfying. If you carry on working you get to where you want to be.

Pablo Antoli

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