Rachel Brown :: Portfolio Review

At the beginning of Creative Exchange Week I was lucky enough to have a portfolio review with Rachel Brown, a photography director currently working for Harper’s Bazaar and also Town & Country. She has taught me that most of the time you have to work alongside your earning job, where her career and her personal art are very apposing towards each other. The freelance work she produces has a beautiful fine art feel towards it, the works has vibrance in colour and in narrative, making imagery that seems very unrealistic, however pure. This is something she will do by herself, where on the other hand she then works for two large companies, therefor working in a different environment completely.


When looking at my work she advised me that I look to Martin Parr’s work on culture that has very recently been posted to Instagram as a series of photographs, she told me that this will help develop my profession and the body of work I am currently producing. She pointed out on a specific image to me that I had shot on film, telling me that this is the image she finds appeals to her most. I questioned myself, thinking my project should take a turn and look in to a new subject, however when speaking to her and previous people, I have noticed that my project is on the right tracks however my subject is too broad and needs to be narrowed down. Feeding us with her knowledge has helped me articulate what I am doing a lot more, I feel I need to think about both what I find pleasing, but also what the viewer will find pleasing.

Rachel Louise Brown

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