Shooting in low light conditions

When visiting the island of Phuket, Thailand, I found the atmosphere and culture a complete contrast to what we are used to in the UK, the nightlife in particular was an aspect that interested me, so then I was faced with the task of capturing this. The busy, narrow streets of Patong Beach were illuminated by small market shops and stalls sat by the side of the road, reminding me a lot of the winter season markets we have, however presented with the humid night heat and authentic cuisine.


Shooting in these conditions meant I had to change a lot when I photographed my environment, as it is tricky when you’re wanting to get the small details of the image, without having a noisy photograph. I feel like many of my images have captured the unique culture well, one of the reasons for this is because of the weather conditions I was faced with. Due to the fact it was monsoon season in Thailand the ground was wet, which almost worked as a reflector for me, therefore placing more light in to my images. One aspect of the environment I feel I have captured well is the vibrancy of the town we stayed in, using the neon lights which were above most shops, or restaurants, it complements the idea that this is a busy, and loud area.


I have focused on the people around me that have interesting character to them, and the stalls they have. It is an interesting concept that these are there day to day type jobs, and this is how these people make their money in comparison to the westernised culture. These people have placed themselves in the midst of the busy streets, which is what has attracted me to photograph these moments. I found the idea of photographing people when they are unaware and minding their own business is something which interests me a lot, as it shows the person raw and differently to when they are more aware. Despite the images I have taken being quick snapshots I still feel as though you only direct your eyes to one specific area of the photograph.

The start to this project could be subjected as film noir, due to the bright lights and dark contrasting elements (chiaroscuro), creating an interesting effect on the imagery I have taken.

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