Film Experimentation

When visiting the multicultural city of Los Angeles, USA, I felt it necessary to try to capture the scenery in film, to highlight the vibrant, saturated palette of Venice and Muscle Beach, two of the most popular beaches throughout America. The images are all double exposed to contrast with the multi-faceted culture within the city, which is highly expressed through the colour and contrasting elements of the imagery I have produced.


The imagery has been disrupted by two main factors, one of them being that the film placed in to the camera has become light leaked, meaning there is discolour within the imagery, which has caused the final development to the images to have large amount of bright and distracting colours. The other element is that the film has been double exposed in the reel, therefore some imagery has an overlay of shots in one. This has created interesting imagery, showing the ‘Hollywood’ culture. I experimented with this as I found that although a place might look a certain way you can view this with film in a different light representing several ways that this may be viewed.

This is the first time that I have chosen to experiment with film, and photographing my surroundings I am in, this has developed my knowledge and skill within film photography however, I feel I am stronger when shooting on digital. The imagery I have produced here are small experimentations which will develop my ideas throughout this project.

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